Thursday, December 5, 2013

Caelestem et Terrenum

“Nada se edifica sobre la piedra, todo sobre la arena,
pero nuestro deber es edificar como si fuera piedra la arena.”

It is easy and hurtful to lose a battle in the realm of the heart. We yearn for that one person whose presence turns, even our most earthly experiences, into expressions of  shared transcendence. Finding that special someone is among the most alluring and fulfilling quests of our lives, albeit a challenging one: two passions have to match and two dreams have to merge. Even gods, upon finding the owners of their hearts, have to appeal to the full extent of their powers to conquer them and keep them forever by their side. To seduce his Leda, Zeus had to become a majestic swan. Popocat√©petl kneels besides his sleeping Iztacc√≠huatl for millennia to come,  caring for her, waiting for her to rise again. And, to avoid losing her to death, Eros gave his Psyche eternal life so he could kiss her, caress her and love her until the end of time.

(Only gods can love, because they are divine.)

In a recent attempt to earn someone’s love I lost one of these battles. The sadness and feeling of failure pushed me into the path of reflexion and search of deeper insight: Humans, as we are, often have to face, with our mortal powers, ethereal tasks. Progressively, the thoughts of defeat transmuted into an epiphany. I could not have become a swan; however, having looked into her eyes and having held her hands enriched me, made me a happier person. I cannot kneel at her side for millennia to come, but the sweet memories of the short time I spent with her will remain with me, be part of me and embrace my mind for eons. There is no way I can promise her eternal life but I can, at least, hold onto the hope that one of the kisses or one of the caresses I gave to her may warm her heart until the end of time.  

(Humans can also love, because in love, there is something divine.)

November 2013

Inpsired by Borges, Pico della Mirandola, Apuleius and a special someone.


  1. So bittersweet and such a vague yet also depth-full insight to the inner world of one's heart.

  2. The concept of chasing love is such a bittersweet irony. More often than not, if you turn around you'll find that someone was chasing you.