Kinkyotl is an eclectic term built upon modern English and ancient N├íhuatl: the language of the Aztec culture.  'Kink' is a term often used to refer to sexual practices that do not fall within conventional standards; 'yotl' is a desinence that refers to the culture, identity or essence of the noun it's attached to.  Thus 'kinkyotl' would be the culture, the essence and the identity of kink and those of us who have engaged in its journey.

This blog is not intended to define nor to describe kinkyotl, that task belongs to the community as a whole. Every profile, every group, every book, every blog talking about BDSM or fetishes are part of kinkyotl. There simply is no way they can all be analyzed, described or even enumerated here. This blog only strives to show a path, out of many, that may help you start your own journey.  

Pursuing your fantasies and passions can be scary, especially when they do not abide to socially accepted standards. There is, however, a strong BDSM community that will support and accept you. Read on and immerse yourself in this wonderful world that mixes eroticism, sensations, art and sometimes even surrealism. 

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The information contained in this blog only expresses my personal opinions on these subjects and should not be taken as any kind of advice. Please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information in this blog.


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