Thelemitian \thə-le-ˈmēt-shən\ n. m. From Eng. Thelemite and this from Greek Θελεμα: kinky, biped and apterous organism originally from Mexico City's Metropolitan Area but can be seen in regions as far as Texas, NY, Chicago, Cancún and even Europe. Only one specimen is known so far and, despite the efforts, there has been no success to find more. Even in the most respected cryptozoology circles and references there is little information about his physiology and behaviour. Curiously, he is not considered endangered by the IUCN.

It has been leaked that the Eranos' group has secretly edited a study on Thelemitian; describing his affinity to latin-american literature, universal mythology and religions despite he is self identified as agnostic. Facts like these have earned him the sobriquet of "oxymoron with paws". According to an Eranos' group research, he is quite liberal and feminist; probably as a counter-response to the conservative-macho culture in which he was raised. There has been who also dare say that Borges' "Secta del Fénix" is a cryptic description of the Thelemitian's lifestyle but others think the writing has a much more ecumenical purpose. This topic is still under discussion among the thelemitologists.

For several years it was thought he was a vanilla being but, in late march 2009, he was found at a kinky event in Austin for the first time ever. After that first report, people claim seeing him at Voyagers, GWNN, Austin Rope, TNG and SAADE. There are also reports of sightings at events such as Shibaricon, TESfest and OctRoperFest but they have not been confirmed as of today. His kinkyness is now widely recognized by specialists although his fetishes are not well known yet. It is not clear whether he has a defined set of things he likes to do or not. Some claim he is still in the process to discover a whole new world in the BDSM lifestyle; others claim that the Voynich manuscript is actually a full account of his darkest fantasies obfuscated with fake alchemy and astrological contents to keep lay people out. Nevertheless there is strong evidence he belongs to the sado-masochistic region of the kinky spectrum. He has a huge affinity for tickling, rope, nipple play and clamps. He has been seen at some foot worship scenes. Apparently, he enjoys being forced to do kinky stuff.

Extracted from: Austin's Kinktionary of Modern Terms, Revised edition, November 2009, p 496

"Nec te caelestem neque terrenum,
neque mortalem neque immortalem fecimus..."


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